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•  Managing relationship conflict
•  Communication difficulties
•  Deepening intimacy
•  Marriage preparation
•  Relationship breakdown and separation
•  Sexual concerns
•  Managing relationship transitions
•  Relationship skills and education to enhance personal relationships
•  Assessment and treatment for clinical problems
   - Mood disorders: Depression, Adjustment issues, Dysthymic Disorder
   - Anxiety: Simple Phobias, Post-Traumatic Stress, Panic Disorder, 
     Social Phobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (including thought and 
     behavioural aspects), Generalised Anxiety
   - Bereavement and lifestage transitions 


Medicare rebates are available to clients receiving psychological services from psychologists registered with Medicare. This rebate is claimed back through Medicare when psychology services are provided in conjunction with a Mental Health Care Plan prepared by you General Practitioner (GP), Paediatrician or Psychiatrist via referral.

The rebate is given for up to 6 sessions initially, followed by a further four sessions if required, and all claimed per calendar year. Rebates vary from 15% to 85% of the consultation fee depending on the session format (individual vs group/family therapy) and session length. Please visit Medicare at www.medicare.gov.au  to see the full range of rebate value.  

The psychologist at this practice is a recognised provider with Medicare and other Private Health insurers. If you are not eligible for Medicare Rebates, you may still be able to claim from your Private Health fund with the right level of cover (e.g. Medibank Private, MBF, Old Teacher's Health, Navy Health, NRMA, NIB etc).

                                               Please contact us to find out more about your eligibility for rebates or visit the Medicare at www.medicare.gov.au

APPOINTMENTS: These can be made by contacting our office or with a referral through your Doctor or other medical specialist. Appointments are available Monday & Tuesday (Sandy Bay), Thursday and Friday (Richmond) 8 am - 5pm and also some evenings and Saturdays by special appointment. Please make contact with us here and we will gently guide you towards your most appropriate options and solutions under our high standard of service delivery.

FEES: Psychology consultation fees are guided by the fee schedule set by the Australian Psychological Society (APS). However, Ashley Wong Hoy  Psychologist sets a fee below this recommended fee.

General counselling sessions are 50mins duration although a longer session of 1.5 hours for initial or assessment 

                                               sessions are common. These types of sessions attract a fee on a pro rata basis. 

Phone or internet consultations are possible where distance prevents attending the practice. Fees may vary dependent upon the treatment (assessment, group/family work), and attendance at legal briefings.   Fees for workshops, group sessions and reports vary according to client's needs. Please discuss your fee queries with us.