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Living Laughing  Loving


The township of Richmond was founded in 1824 and lies some 25 kms north-east of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. It was one of a few towns in southern Tasmania that could be described as the epitome of colonial development in Tasmania (then Van Diemen's Land). It was an agricultural market town, convict station, military post, police district and municipality. The district surrounding Richmond produced wheat in the 1800s but today has given way to sheep pastures, boutique cool climate viticulture and tourism. Today, the rural homesteads, sandstone townhouses and small georgian-styled cottages remain as an iconic reminder of British colonial pioneering and settlement. It's the place that I have decided to call my home. Throughout these rural scenes below, I hope to also convey the three main ingredients for a satisfied life: Purpose, meaningful relationships, and personal power. To me, these three parts seem to emerge time and again as those aspects that seem to bring to most people, a sense that their life has value and meaning. The emergence of these three factors represents some 18 years of listening to folk and that is why I have decided to rephrase these as Living, Loving, and Laughing.
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